Artist Profile: Shannon Lightfoot

Canadian artist Shannon Lightfoot is a profound visual storyteller, his entirely unique technique the culmination of 19 years of development. A scroll saw is used for this art, cutting images, words, and symbols into the medium. Then, upon paint application, the artist chooses which elements of the story he wishes to emphasize. From a distance the art appears two-dimensional; however, as one engages with each piece, a world unfolds, hidden in the cut lines, waiting to be explored.

The three portraits contributed herein are from The Humanity Collection Shannon has been compiling for some years – a collection of portraits that represent the traits we use to define ourselves and navigate the world. Mahatma Ghandi is our Martyr, Pope John Paul II is the Religious Icon, and Barack Obama represents the Political Figurehead. This collection also includes such faces as Mother Teresa, Buddha, Saddam Hussein, Fidel Castro, Oprah, Ellen Degeneres, and Che Guevara, most of which can be viewed at LightfootArts.Com.

Life is intricately connected and by honouring that connection we allow the best of ourselves to rise to the forefront of our stories.

Shannon Lightfoot resides on the Sunshine Coast of BC with his beloved wife and children.

MARTYRDOM 24″ x 36″ $8400

MARTYRDOM   24″ x 36″  $8400

Few have the resolve of Mahatma Gandhi. In this portrait, rather than emphasize the sadness or the struggle endured by Gandhi, Shannon Lightfoot has chosen to hold out the positive in clear language for all to see. Words like Joy, Freedom, and Peace encourage us, while the white stone city represents Gandhi’s beloved India and his hope for it.

RELIGIOUS ICON 24″ x 21″ $5500

RELIGIOUS ICON   24″ x 21″  $5500

Less a portrait of the Pope than a symbol of an incredibly powerful human organization, this piece is a representation of the lengths humanity will go to in order to wield the sacred.


POLITICAL FIGUREHEAD   42″ x 24″  $12250

Again, this piece is less a portrait of the 44th President of the United States, than a representation of humanity’s need for a leadership symbol. This portrait has a seemingly simple composition – America’s man with a smile – yet in the background loom all of the demands, difficulties, complexities, and needs of the nation, whispering in his ear.