Artist Profile: Sarah Mckendry

I am a mother, a wife, a painter and a dreamer. I first picked up a paintbrush in 2008, and I have been teaching myself the intricate, challenging and soul deep world of self-expression ever since. With my wildlife and portrait pieces, I live to capture the spirit with each stroke of my brush, and I will not stop painting until there is a soul staring back at me on the canvas. My landscapes are extensions of distant memories, and I try to paint them so that one can almost feel the fresh air as it drifts off of the piece.

It is such a wonderful feeling being able to paint as a full-time profession, and the fact that it allows me to also work from home and raise our two little boys is the icing on the cake.

The Little Wild Wonders book was brought to life over the past two years during the many (many) late nights that I spent feeding both of my own Little Wild Wonders, Hamish (2 years old) and Holden (6 months old). I had painted six adorable little critter faces to watch over my boys as they slept and as I stared at them night after night, a story emerged from my soul and I began bringing it to life while my wee ones were sleeping. I wanted to create a playful yet meaningful tale that sparked curiosity and discussion with those who ventured into its pages, and the pure joy that I found in painting the animals has made this book my most treasured of endeavors and one that will forever remain close to my heart.