BuyArtFeedKids mission is to support young families by providing nutrient-dense foods to feed their children. When you buy art, you are feeding a family!

Food Insecurity:

The gap between the ‘have’s & the have-nots’ is not only getting wider, but it’s growing deeper.   With the cost of fresh food skyrocketing, struggling families are forced to make difficult choices at the grocery store.

BuyArtFeedKids want to ensure that young families don’t have to face this dilemma.    We have combined our love for art into a fundraising vision for Bellies & Babies program through Sunshine Coast Community Services and will be looking at other organizations we can support too.   We intend to support artists and organizations by setting up regions, so the money from each supporting artist will go to their local programs.   

How to get involved?

  • Buy Art and put food on a family’s table (50% to Artist, 40% to Feeding Kids and 10% Administration)
  • You can make a direct donation through Pay Pal which we will pass along to Bellies & Babies in the Sechelt area from Artists living there.    
  • We are looking to partner with other organizations in areas around BC.   We are wanting to bring Artists on from these areas, so we can support programs in their communities too.   
  • You will receive a receipt from Bellies & Babies for 100% of your donation.   

At BuyArt~FeedKids we believe access to nutritious produce for children shouldn’t be a luxury; it should be a right. We envision a community where all young families have safe, reliable and adequate access to nutritious foods.

Behind every changed life is someone who helped make it happen ~ Be that someone!

Want to work with us? Get in touch! [email protected]


History of BuyArt~Feed Kids – In 2016, Dana Caple decided to combine her passion as an artist and advocate for families, by creating BuyArt~FeedKids.    In 2018, she decided to give BAFK a bigger home and passed it on with care, to Love From The Inside Wellness Society.   “By giving small gestures of generosity and kindness to others, we are ultimately giving a gift to ourselves”.   We thank Dana for her service, this gift and promise to support her advocacy work in feeding families throughout BC.    


Looking for Local Parterships!